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To learn and understand how something works, typically through experimentation.
Have you tried to grok dojo?
Beküldő: tabmow 2006. július 12.
8 63
To Grok is the sound one makes when their mouth is being abused consecutively with something large or foreign. This would most likely be a male sexual organ. After repetitive fast strokes, the receiver will be making the noise so called 'grok'.
I want to grok that girl in the face right now.

She groked my world last night.

She loves to give me grok grok.
Beküldő: DINO CHAN 2009. szeptember 3.
9 82
To dig. To be hip to.
"I grok you the most, baby."
"I grok Diz and Monk man."
"Grok this motherfucker." (usually used in combination with middle finger.)
Beküldő: lened 2004. február 11.
16 164