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Nasty, dirty, disgusting, foul, revolting, yucky.
Are you sure you want to eat that Chinese food? It looks all grody.
Beküldő: MoonKnight 2002. november 22.
noun: disgusting, dirty or just plain unappealing.

inflected: grodier, grodiest

it seams this may be an Americanized pronounciation of the british "grotty", which means "of poor quality".
"sit in the back seat, i spilled honey on the front seat and it's all grody."

"those are the grodiest rest rooms in the state"
Beküldő: protocoldroid 2004. június 17.
gross, disgusting, dirty, filthy, nasty
That is grody to the max.
Who would wear that grody looking sock?
Beküldő: Sarah 2005. április 25.
Really disgusting and gross.
Your feet are grody!
Beküldő: psycho chick!! 2005. június 4.
a word descirbing something grimy and icky.
ewww, that's really grody.
Beküldő: Waterfalls__ 2005. szeptember 15.
adj. (grow-dee): when someone is dirty, gross, uncempt, bad hygene, nappy hair, greasy, not very good looking etc.
that bitch is grody...if you touch her you'll probably get Lou Gehrig's disease...
#gross #ugly #greasy #nappy #smelly
Beküldő: Brian F from Tampa 2007. április 27.
disgusting, foul, unclean
This food is so grody it makes me want to puke.
#gross #nasty #grotty #groaty #base
Beküldő: Light Joker 2007. január 17.
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