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"On the grind"
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. szeptember 21.
a song by the neptunes r selling caine
What's the size of them rims on that car NIGGA?
Can they see that chain from a far NIGGA?
Whatcha game be like?
Whatcha chain be like?
So whatcha name be like?
Ma, it don't get more ghetto than this...
Beküldő: spliffstar GrInDiN N ReYdIn 2004. november 2.
slangin cane
Beküldő: organiz3d_chaos 2002. december 24.
wearing expensive shit and a nice car, from illegal money(drugs stealing, gun slinging.)
the boys grindin in the club with the big chains and the dollars.
Beküldő: $PAZZ 2003. április 1.
about to bust some niggas in tha ass.otha words on tha way to do a drive by
grindin u no what i keep in tha lining, niggas betta stay in line when they a nigga like me shineing
Beküldő: onipakcalb 2003. október 17.
to rub da pussy of a female
that grindin did so good. she had a orgasm after 2 minutes
Beküldő: AlDo m 2006. július 2.
to make crack cocaine
Jack was grindin in the kitchen next to the stove with a pot of coke and some Arm & Hammer
Beküldő: YouR PuSHa 2003. szeptember 14.