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"Game Of The Year (Edition)", basically referring to ANY game that had recieved one or more awards for being the selected game for that year.
Dude, you up for a game of UT: GOTY?

Hells yeah, much better than 2K4!
Beküldő: Eccentricity 2005. február 1.
Originally meaning 'Game Of The Year', but now used as a replacement for 'epic' or 'cool'. Used unironically.
Guy 1: Dude, I totally just built a car in a cave with a box of scraps!

Guy 2: GOTY.
Beküldő: Die Nadel 2011. január 13.
Game of the Year for Morrowind Xbox Game
Beküldő: OmNiLaSh 2003. október 30.