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A retarded abbreviation of the two words "got to."

It is only used by idiots because of the following:
1. It's longer than writing "got to."
2. The correct way of saying it is "have to."
I gotsta get this shoe out of my ass.
Beküldő: Deezy 2003. június 24.
Ghetto bastardization of "have to"
I gotsta get paid, b.
Beküldő: madprophetridx 2003. június 24.
How Rugrats pronunce 'gotta' or 'got to' or even 'have to'.
We gotsta sabe the dawggy from teh Vacflume Streamer!@!1111111!!!!!1!11!1!
Beküldő: B-Drac 2003. szeptember 3.
slang for "got to"
"I gotsta get paid!"
Beküldő: Usonvi 2003. június 20.
Have to, got to.
I gotsta go get me some grub.
Beküldő: Raina 2003. június 26.
Something that you feel a strong urge to do.
I gotsta get some money before the bank takes my car.
Beküldő: J-ME 2003. június 24.
A Vanilla-Ice-style way of saying "I/you/her/she/we/they" must.
The slowest selling album of all time "Screech gotsta get fonky."
Beküldő: rapmasta 2004. május 25.