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One of my least favorites, if not THE least favorite, word in the english language. It isn't even a real word and gets used constantly.
I gotta go to the store.
We've got no time to loose.
You've go to realize what you're doing!
You have got to be joking!
I've got a lot on hand.
Look at the new book I got today!

Ugh I HATE that word!
Beküldő: Zeeky H. Bomb 2005. április 2.
11 25
Shorter name for "Gotenks" in WWP because people are too lazy to type it out and because "got" sounds better.
/me chutes got <--what i say to got way too often ;D
Beküldő: Cortho3 2003. március 22.
1 15
meaning "I Have" Used by slow witted people from CT who drive VW's and talk allot of trash.
I gots big boy underpants now.
Beküldő: water&Air 2003. július 29.
14 32
The way blacks pronounce God. Instead of "oh, God", they literally say "oh, Got". And Im not kidding.
Cracker: "God is good."
Black dude: "Yes, Got is good"
Beküldő: bobie 2004. november 22.
9 31