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Acronym for Grand Old Time
That was so fun, it was a got.
Beküldő: Sarah and Molly 2008. július 11.
4 9
When you realize that you said something stupid and you catch yourself before someone gives you a point.( Which means if they say point after you've said got the point goes to them.)
Man you ugly

so is yo dog... got
Beküldő: Shae 2004. május 25.
15 24
The word the English language is obsessed with, and it doesn't even really exist.
correct English:We have to go to the store or I'll have to tell my mom we have no food in the house. So you need to get out of bed and we have to be home before mom's come home.
common English: We've got to go to the store or I've gotta tell my mom we got no food in the house. So you gotta get out of bed and we've gotta be home before she's gotten home.
Beküldő: Psych Ward Employee 2005. január 3.
20 30
Referance to MeTa's old alias Gotenks. Often used by people that knew him when he was know as Gotenks.
Dammit Got! Learn to not fall will you!
Beküldő: MainFrame 2003. március 22.
2 12
Originally a misspelling of "hot" using mobile phone predictive text, used to mean "better that hot". Also used to descibe a venue where there are many good-looking people.
1. I picked up this got guy last night.

2. Man, this is a got nightclub.
Beküldő: Oogie 2004. november 24.
2 13
Guy, man, boy, win.
Girl A - "I got..."

Boy - "Oh... well, what about you?"

Girl B - "Got."
Beküldő: qmessage 2011. május 2.
0 12
/me takes away his other got definition. Anyway, Got is: a wanna be roper that thinks he is good but recently couldnt eve find his f8 key.
/me chutes got some more
Beküldő: Cortho3 2003. március 22.
5 18