Derogatory term for an old person.
That gomer is about to croak.
Beküldő: RobbingTheGrave 2012. január 10.
A great man but not nescessarily a wise man; a visonary person; not afraid of conflict; hardworking; a warrior; a competent man; a man with little emotion or feelings.

The opposite of a Gomer is a Kussat.
"That police officer is a Gomer"
Beküldő: phil247 2011. november 5.
Another word for haemmorrhoids. Referring to a huge "pyle" of grapes hanging from you arse.
Partner: "why are you walking so awkwardly there love?"

You: " I have a huge Gomer hanging from my arse"
Beküldő: kOrVe72 2010. december 6.
Gomer - An obnoxious, pushy, rude person who thinks they are all that and a fudge brownie, who persists in hanging around where they are not wanted. A gomer can butt into private conversations at work, show up uninvited at parties, or on internet chat rooms and bulletin boards. They usually have an over-blown sense of their own worth which no one else shares.
How can Bard _not_ realize that everyone wishes he would go away. He's obnoxious, stupid, and clueless. He's uninteresting, not witty, and not wanted. What a gomer!
Beküldő: N. Berry 2007. március 20.
generic word for yokel
That gomer never made it past 2nd grade.
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. március 14.
A United States Marine
Look at Gomer in the blue uniform.
Beküldő: D0c 2006. február 21.
someone who has a crapwagon perversion
"i see only a few Gomers have bothered to turn up for today's crapwagon 'race'"
Beküldő: d00d 2004. július 15.

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