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a homosexual person who has never slept with a member of the opposite sex
Carmen: "Jenny, you're just jealous because Shane and I are two gold stars who have found each other."
Jenny: "Can I be a gold star, even though I've slept with men?"

-The L Word
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Beküldő: serpentsapphire 2006. március 2.
A lesbian who only has had sexual intercourse with ladies.
Few gold star´s out there, so if you see one, grab her and run!.
Shane is such a Gold Star, no man has been near her chocho
#lesbian #fanooshka #tipping the velvet #lezzie #dyke
Beküldő: MediaVero 2006. március 1.
Someone who's gay, who never had sex with the opposite sex. First heard on The L Word, season 3, episode 7 "Lone Star".
Carmen - "You're just jealous cuz my girlfriend and I are two gold star(s) who have found eachother."
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Beküldő: VyKy 2007. november 18.
A lesbian who has never had sex with a man. A 'pure' lesbian.
"She's a member of the goldstar club"
#goldstar #goldstar lesbian #virgin lesbian #goldstar club #lesbian
Beküldő: tara7 2008. június 18.
Can be used in either a sarcastic or serious way to point out when someone does something good or impressive.
Gold star for you, my friend.
#gold #star #good #impressive #gold star
Beküldő: katie was here 2007. szeptember 19.
items that can be given as a reward for doing something good; many can be exchanged for xtra prize
Boy: Damn, you look pretty hot today!

Girl: Wow, thanks! You made me smile - - here, have a gold star!

Boy: Sweet! Now I have enough for an xtra prize! Let's go!
Beküldő: aperson 2005. május 1.
The most saught after and cherished reward in all of human existence.
Wow man! Did you see Taylor climb that 50 foot wall?

That's nothing compared to Breana. She climbed a 120 foot wall while blindfolded and with a grizzly bear on her back! Totally gold star worthy.
#winning #champ #reward #boss #hooker machine #best #gold star #gold #star
Beküldő: bfrog101 2011. május 1.
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