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a moron. An idiot. one who screws up.
usually a person that made a grave mistake
Oh man...he just missed the winning shot...what a fucking goat!
Beküldő: christopher 2004. május 20.
(West Cheshire slang)

1.A resident of Wrexham in North Wales
2. An associate of Wrexham Football Club
The Goats lost again last week
Beküldő: XWWB 2003. december 9.
Greatest Of All Time
im the GOAT of the team!
Beküldő: Anonymous 2002. december 8.
To show your balls to another, by tucking them under your ass.

Often used in a childish game to show another your balls without them knowing. Depending on technique you will be able to kick them in the ass multiple times.
"Dude,I totally goated that fucker!"
Beküldő: krookedcrow 2006. július 15.
hot, tall, men from ireland with killer accents. also known to have a beercan
Yo did you check out the beercan on that goat?
Beküldő: widdlebunny 2005. szeptember 2.
Go away troll.
chat-room acronym
A variation comeback on the (hrmm, rejected by the majority of UD editors?) acronym YHBT: you have been trolled. Ok, now ya'all know.
thank you, but no thanks.
Beküldő: hytham_hammer 2005. augusztus 2.
A weapon used by primitive cultures in eastern Sri Lanka.
"Watch out, Otto! The natives has a goat, ain't that right?!"
Beküldő: Rorin 2005. március 12.