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A large Group of friends in south connecticut,this group formed in the mid 90s.Founders are Joe,Josh,and Dean.They normally greet each other with "whats up goat".also known as the goat foundation
the goats were chillen at the skate park last week,the goats are drinking again,the goats are at d@D again
Beküldő: rockouter 2007. október 5.
When you tuck your balls and cock between your legs and get everyone to look at it then call them all fags.
See movie Waiting. Fags and Grab ass'n
You are a king amoung men if you can pull off the goat.
Beküldő: CUTTAH 2006. április 3.
An animal that matty likes to pleasure.
Matty has a goat fettish
Beküldő: Micheal Collins 2005. február 17.
a "fall-back" fuckbuddy. if you're civilized, it actually refers to a human being.
Kara fell way hard for Richard, but she's totally his goat.
Beküldő: Lauren 2003. február 6.
A young child who is constantly neglected by his friends. The Boy often gets a bad knee condition refered to as 'Goat Knee'. This is most common in boys with the names Nathan or Jake.
Eating Kebabs like a goat, goat knee.
Beküldő: Farkus 2006. május 24.

BG: an erection

Goat milk: jizz
Dude that guy has a goat. really i think his name is josh and he looks really homely
Beküldő: Tyler 2005. január 3.
Short for "goat cheese" which was derived from "fo sheeze" after someone misheard it. Has stuck ever since.
"Was he at the party?"
"Goat, he was."
Beküldő: trev24 2003. október 25.