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ass cheeks
gluteous maixmous
someones ass
My glutes hurt from those ass clenches
Beküldő: valect 2005. május 27.
A shortened version of Gluteous Maximous - your butt muscles
Jo: oww, my glute's hurting from that work-out
Beküldő: xxxwtdxxx 2006. február 14.
An affectinate name for a person with coeliac disease (allergic to gluten/wheat). The word derives from the fact that their meals must be gluten free.
Gluten - Glute
The word was first popularised in Newcastle, Australia.
Aw the poor glute can't eat bread or pizza.
Beküldő: HLamb 2008. július 10.
French word for 'booze'. Can define any type of beer.
'Paye glute à la soirée' stands for 'B.Y.O.B'

Wanna glute ?
Beküldő: Artigros 2011. március 7.