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feeling down, sad, lonely
whats up baby?

idk..its just a very gloomy day and i just feel gloomy
Beküldő: Enrike 2008. január 5.
73 26
Goths. Or people who dress in black and would like to be called "Goth", but you won't give them the satisfaction.
Look, dear! Miniature goth-punks, with cigarettes!

You mean "gloomies".

Isn't that what I said?
Beküldő: bruddah greg 2007. augusztus 20.
4 0
To feel suicidal.

Used by the character Lenny Wosniak on 30 Rock.
"I gave my gun to my pastor, you know, in case I get the old 'gloomies' again."
Beküldő: TC000 2013. október 1.
1 1