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to give in to one's sexual urges in a quick manner; usually referring to females
dang i was with abby for 10 mintes when she was ready to give it up!
Beküldő: the give it upper 2004. március 2.
to cheer for someone, or what they bring to the game
Give it up to your dj on the 1-2s keepin it crunk for the party
Beküldő: DJ Kayla 2004. február 29.
A request for praise which can be issued either by the recieving party or a third party.
Give it up for my man DJ Mike!
Beküldő: Majik Fox 2004. február 28.
Have sex
Man, she finally gave it up last night
Beküldő: Lucky Charms 2004. február 29.
To cease efforts now otherwise pointless
"Just give it up man, she's not interested in you."

"You'd better give it up, unless you're rollin' for a bitch-slap."
Beküldő: Krispy 2004. február 29.
give sex to
You're not getting your money till you give it up.
Beküldő: Anonymous 2002. június 16.
to give in to temptation
"Yo mane, that hizzo is expecting some chedda if she be givin it up
Beküldő: MC Rizzle 2004. március 3.
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