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Bigger than big...Huge, extreemly huge!
That's a ginormous room!
Beküldő: midmob 2005. október 17.
9 7
something huge
That building was Gi-normous
Beküldő: Jennings 2003. szeptember 30.
6 4
Bigger than large or huge.
That building was Ginormous!
Beküldő: WordxMaster1 2013. április 17.
1 0
ridiculously large
beyond gigantic or enormous
John: The houses in Hewlett Harbor are freakin ginormous

Tony: I know...thats where all the rich kids live.
Beküldő: SWFL 2008. március 8.
4 3
Its bigger than giant and enormous when put together. Its bigger than huge.
Y'all look at that ginormous buildin'.
Beküldő: Lauren Fay Duhon 2007. november 16.
4 3
1. giant, emormous. very very big
That thing is ginormous!
Beküldő: Melinda Truslow 2007. augusztus 9.
3 2
adjective: so gigantic and so enormous that it is entirely necessary to cram gigantic-enormous together to convey the true size of the item.
"The earth is a speck of dust compared to the ginormous size of the universe".

"The "99" restaurant serves ginormous portions of food per platter compared to say, "Applebees" or "Denny's".

Beküldő: Siagiah Karlsson 2006. december 26.
2 1