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1. Something so large in stature, that only a combination of the words giant, enormous and gargantuan can barely describe it's mammoth proportions.
1. My penis is ginormagantuan
Beküldő: P-Monay 2006. augusztus 9.
Big, epicly massive and big. Obviously bigger than ginormous and gargantuan, both of which are bigger than big, massive and huge.
Person 1: "Damn she is fine"
Person 2: "Yeah she had a nice rack."
Person 1: "They were ginormagantuan!"
Beküldő: Danny Velez 2008. április 19.
FUCKING HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friend: WOW. Thats big

Me: No its not. Its GINORMAGANTUAN
Beküldő: GINORMAGANTUAN 2013. október 28.