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A female who displays desirable male characterstics (such as toilet humour or alcoholism) without sacrificing their feminity.
The way Miriam downed beer out of a teapot made me think she was a proper "Geezerbird".
Beküldő: Lotney Sloth 2008. április 14.
52 6
A girl who dresses or looks like a man.
Also see Mushmalt
Shes a right geezer bird
Beküldő: Ben Davis 2003. november 6.
36 19
A beer-swilling girl who doesn't have the class to realise she is outdoing the guys and its not attractive.
"That geezerbird knows more football songs than my old man, scary!"
Beküldő: Petrogol 2006. augusztus 17.
16 26
A pre-operation transsexual. A man with make-up, see he-she.
Geezerbirds wear lots of bright make up and have deep voices and stubble.
Beküldő: Kung-Fu Jesus 2004. április 30.
3 19
Unusually deep voiced female
That "Tess" from Neighbours was a right GeezerBird.
Beküldő: Britech 2004. január 6.
3 20