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A slang term for steroids.
That dude is huge i wonder how much gear hes on?
Beküldő: Chi-Chi 2004. január 29.
Commonly used in the UK and some regions of the US to refer to heroin and the necessary supplies, such as the needle, spoon, cotton, etc.
"Yeah, that dude died after shooting gear that was more pure than usual."


"Don't share gear unless you want AIDS, yo."
Beküldő: junkiemonkey 2005. július 1.
any type of clothing that you wear.
Dude, you got some kick ass gear!
Beküldő: CKYJesus 2003. június 21.
Vernacular for a drug of choice.
Bring some gear with you when you come over.
Beküldő: Dan Fox 2003. augusztus 14.
This is a word from the "British Invasion" in pop music circa 1962. Along with "Groovy" and "Fab". It meant cool and in style and was used by the "Mods" in London.
Beküldő: Sliceolife 2003. augusztus 21.
To play Gears of war, or take part in a gears match online
Hey want to gears it up tonight
Beküldő: Dustin Diamonds 2007. szeptember 8.
Slang term for steroids
"Man, he's gotten totally buffed! Do you think he's using gear?"
Beküldő: MadDog182 2003. október 2.
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