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For a person who works for tips, such as a waiter or a pizza delivery driver, when they work an entire shift without getting a single tip. Related to the slang word for not getting a tip: "stiff".
I got so many stiffs working last night that I thought I was at a gangbang.
Beküldő: Libertine 2005. október 3.
29 143
A "gangbang" is when a job needs to be done well, 'yesterday' and a bunch of people work together to accomplish it.
A bunch of us decided to gangbang the project since it was already overdue.
Beküldő: Smokey 2005. március 3.
40 158
a group of people who are 'banging'
usually very hot.
does drugs together
I just joined the gang bang!! XD
Beküldő: wicked freak 2007. január 16.
35 176
When a more than 4 people otherwise known as a gang have sex
marena chis angie and tonie heh
Beküldő: unkown 2002. november 17.
69 240
OMFG!!! if you r lookin for this word in a dictionary u must be a retard!!!

when a ho gets more than 4 cocks up her holes at a time till she full of jizz! GOT IT???
yesterday,me and my friends gangbanged your mom!!
Beküldő: Javier! 2006. július 30.
55 327
When a Gang is there and they all Bang!!
Chris and Alex decided to invite people over for a gang bang.
Beküldő: Dr.Love 2004. november 26.
66 348