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fuck in chinese
gan ni lao mu = fuck your mother
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. április 3.
Bud. Weed. Pot. Dro.
"Gans", is Detroit slang. Used for any bud that is good, green, weed. Gans is the bud your dealer always has. Usually pretty cheap, ranging in price depending on it's quality, which can be anywhere between mids and chrons

You can hear Big Herk, a Detroit Rapper, mention gans in a few of his songs
Also spelled ganz or gands sometimes
"You got them gans?"
"I'll throw a bowl of gans."
"A: You pick up from marc?
B: Yeah I got an eighter sack of them gans."
"Strong like gans when that shit first lit" ~ Big Herk
#ganz #bud #weed #dro #pot #detroit
Beküldő: OG Gooch Man 2009. január 15.
A cushioned area on the rear of a person below the back and above the legs, also know as the butt.
Megan has a big gans, and it is liked by everybody.
#booty #butt #ass #buttox #apple bottom
Beküldő: P.hoe13 2009. augusztus 29.
From the word ganja meaning weed etc
"man lets get some gans"
Beküldő: Myyo 2005. augusztus 11.
A word used in scotland and the north east of England.
im tired so im gonna gan
#gan #ganning #north #east #england #county #durham #newcastle #scotland #sunderland #teesside
Beküldő: Clive Warren 2007. augusztus 24.
One who is a grimey ass N*gga, G.A.N. One who never showers, walks around barefoot with disgusting toenails, towel is on the ground outside. One who constantly walks in on roomates girlfriend in the nude while showering.
"yo, can I get a stoge? You only hae one left" - NO G.A.N.
"gentlemen, are you going to blaze that? Can I get a hit? Please? One hit? Common fellas"
"wow, the RA is comming, I hope you guys arn't smoking? Can I kill it?"
"Can I keep that roach"
"I got $1,000.00 in my pocket but it's in check form and I don't have a ride to the bank. I was going to ask my roomate but he is always busy, so now I have a great wad of cash in my pocket. Once I cash it I'm going to buy some glass and food...maybe an O , not sure though. Anyway, I'm three eights black, one half domingo, one quarter french, and an half puerto rican. Yeah, my dad got around. Crazy, huh?"
"Yeah, I can't wait to get my sub for my PC, my brother spilt some juice on it and I was like 'Oh, man,' but when I get my sub and new speakers, Whoa."
"You gonna eat that?"
#grimey #dirty #gully #gan #filthy
Beküldő: The Athletics 2005. október 31.
"fuck your mother's cunt" in the Taiwanese language
gan li yang ji-bai!
Beküldő: Ben H 2003. szeptember 17.
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