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"gaff" is an irish slang word for "house", its also used across Scotland and parts of England and Wales
dave - " come on over to my gaff, we can watch a film or something "

kevin - " ok, but dont try and touch me "
Beküldő: Emperor Bubba 2005. április 19.

British slang for one's flat/apartment.
"I spent the night at Kat's gaff."

"You lucky fuck."
Beküldő: frank carter 2005. május 14.
One's private residence.
You want to come over to my gaff for some beers?
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. január 13.
Someones House, where they live, used in Dublin, Ireland
"Ive got a free gaff so im having a party"
Beküldő: krn 2005. május 22.
An irish expression refering to ones house
stall on down to my gaff
Beküldő: killoch0 2005. december 21.
Panties designed for men to hide their bulge and tuck it underneath them like a good crossdresser should
It took Mike a few minutes to put on his gaff to begin his transformation to Michelle
Beküldő: zlarg 2004. november 11.
1. A mistake
2. Place of abode
1. "Anyway, he just tells his mum he just tripped up while his pants were round his ankles and just happened to fall on to the dog with his erect penis."

"What a gaff!"

2. "What you doin' you dirty little smack-head, comin' in my gaff, tootin' your gear? I'm gunna bust you up."
Beküldő: The Strut 2004. október 1.

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