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Methamphetamine (crank, speed). Describes the gag reflex triggered by the extreme burning sensation of the nasal passages when the drug is snorted, and the very bitter taste as it drains down the back of the throat.
The character 'Pooh-Bear' in the movie "The Salton Sea" had to have his nose surgically removed because he snorted too much gack.
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. július 13.
Any amount of useless or unwanted stuff (usually regarding possesions)
I've got too much damn gack in my attic. Guess I'll throw something on ebay.
#junk #worthless #uninteresting #clutter #space hording material
Beküldő: mudpup 2006. április 5.
The sound made by an individual who is in the process of sucking dick. Typically a gagging sound made from the throat.
Brenda gacks on that niggas dick because she has a terrible gag reflex.

That chicken head is always gacking choad in the park.
#gack #choke #gag #chode #choad
Beküldő: Catsleeze 2013. szeptember 23.
1.A term used for the Drug Crystal Meth Amphetamine

2A some what derogatory name for person under the influence of crystal meth.
1. "They just smoked a fat bowl of gack."

or Thats some killer Gack!"
2. "That guy is a total effin gack." or "Quit being such a gack, your going to get us busted!" or "Never bring that gack over to my house again!"
#crystal meth #speed #tweak #jibb #crank
Beküldő: L8Nighter 2011. március 2.
To get messed up in the process of putting the team on your back and still going out like a champ.
His night would have been better if he hadn't Gacked after the race.
#antonym: guirk #related words: hospital #greg jennings #gumby #door #wild bear #misspelling: geck
Beküldő: bww13 2010. december 5.
A word or sound muttered/or written by Professors of Anatomy and Physiology when proper terminlogy is not used. Also used un situations of extreme exacerbation.
Student Answer: Gluteus Med.
Professor Commentary on test: GACK! This is not proper terminology.

"GACK!, be quiet now! Or I will leave!"
#biology #teachers #professors #physiology #nursing
Beküldő: Rojay 2006. november 30.
Contraction for go back.
Would you like go g'ack home this weekend?
Beküldő: Brian 2004. április 12.
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