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An animal that matty likes to pleasure.
Matty has a goat fettish
Beküldő: Micheal Collins 2005. február 17.
21 38
A very small ugly looking ass
Damn, that girl as a goat
Beküldő: Alex 2005. február 7.
4 21

BG: an erection

Goat milk: jizz
Dude that guy has a goat. really i think his name is josh and he looks really homely
Beküldő: Tyler 2005. január 3.
8 25
Short for "goat cheese" which was derived from "fo sheeze" after someone misheard it. Has stuck ever since.
"Was he at the party?"
"Goat, he was."
Beküldő: trev24 2003. október 25.
1 18
what lkay likes
nice goat drew, do you mind if I fuck it?
Beküldő: [c0x0r] 2003. október 23.
2 19
a "fall-back" fuckbuddy. if you're civilized, it actually refers to a human being.
Kara fell way hard for Richard, but she's totally his goat.
Beküldő: Lauren 2003. február 6.
16 33
-a fag or someone who is gay
-someone who is really annoying and needs to go fall off a cliff
-This term is not a complement but infact and insult, i.e you do not want to be called a goat.
-to make this statement worse you may want to add "mountain goat", this makes you even gayer than a goat
"Jeez, you are the biggest goat I have ever met! You need to go eat some shit."
Beküldő: compliments of KS/AP 2005. március 10.
13 31