Fuzzy Rob, based upon me, for having fuzzy hair :)
Fuzzy Rob was walking to the skate park
Beküldő: Fuzzy Rob 2004. június 9.
The little fuzzy things on the part of earphones that go in your ears.
Those damn fuzzies always manage to slip off my earphones, but are rather hard to put back on.
Beküldő: PDuo Danke 2003. augusztus 17.
vagina plural
those two chicks are a drink away from bumpin fuzzies
Beküldő: johnnydader 2004. április 1.
A species of creature, that is also an internet series.
The main Fuzzies include: Ghostie, Fireball, Fairy, Spike and Ninja
Beküldő: Sunny the Armadillo 2003. december 6.
To describe an animal of great stature, high esteem or fulfilling in every way.
That dog is fuzzies.
Beküldő: curmobble 2004. április 29.
Slag for a cute, small, sometimes chubby boy. Generally a short boy or a boy with a small build between the ages of 5 to 15 who is cute.
My little brother is (a) fuzzy.
Dylan and Cole Sprouse are fuzzies.
Beküldő: elizabeth504 2006. november 9.
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