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a party up in da hood
Me and da niggas goin to a function over on Northgate.
Beküldő: Nutty NIGGA FRom Da NORF 2006. június 3.
a party, or a kick back.
that function last night was crazy!
Beküldő: brackinkidd 2009. augusztus 18.
If you're from San Diego, you know what a function is.

For you outsides, a function is a kickback, party, where people be swanging, getting faded and fucked up. An infamous place for fights and drama.
Person 1: You going to the function tomorrow?
Person 2: Nawh, my girl don't like it when I go to functions, she don't trust me.
Beküldő: SExSD 2011. október 21.
When a girl has intercourse with three guys from one fraternity.
"Courtney W hooked up with 3 Lambda Chi's in a week."

"Function status!"
Beküldő: sororitysweety 2011. november 2.
1. a tag that is programmer defined within a program to be used again later in the program.
2. syn. subroutine
1. The programmer made a function to display text.
Beküldő: Master Quark 2005. március 28.
a girl who has slept with more than two members of a fraternity.
Julie is a TKE function - she slept with both Joe and Steve.
Beküldő: lauren/tree 2005. május 29.
an expert with a glock
OMfg he is a function with that thing
Beküldő: John 2003. április 8.
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