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Doing something with your best effort or work.
He moved that car full force.
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. augusztus 10.
When you have followed Obi-Wan's instructions to the fullest.
No. I am your father.
Beküldő: Trent 2003. augusztus 10.
To split a woman in two coz you fucked her so hard
I fucken gave that bitch full force cock goodness.
Beküldő: 6sic6 2003. augusztus 10.
old school R&B group...
Man Tender Love is my favorite Full Force song...
Beküldő: erinballohiostate 2005. február 13.
all out; 100%
Tonight we are going out full force and painting the town!
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. augusztus 11.
a powerful thrust, or hit, or application, to make energy or power.
1.) Man, i drilled her muffin full force!
2.) Dude, took a full force hit off the tokemaster!
3.) Yeah man, i applied his face full force with my fist.
4.) Alright dude, lets open these scooters up full force and get the dirty hell outta here!!!!
Beküldő: woody 2003. augusztus 11.
With all possible strength and power.
He ran and, with full force, slammed his opponent through the brick wall he had rested on.
Beküldő: Dark One 2003. augusztus 10.
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