Nothing other then a Pussy, or an asshole.
My pussy is a guys fuckhole
Beküldő: Alexis Nattifaly 2004. augusztus 12.
my penis went into her fuckhole
Beküldő: my dick 2003. augusztus 4.
Noun: 1. Any orifice into which a penis can be inserted. (e.g. mouth, vagina, anus). 2. A person who is willing and able to have the penises of multiple men into his or her anus, mouth, and vagina.
1. I want to put my cock in all of her fuckholes.

2. That chick is a gang bang fuckhole.
Beküldő: johnyfuckhole 2010. február 3.
Fuckhole: A hole that is fucked.
Fuckholes! This can apply to any orifice on any object, not neccessarily that of a woman, or a man. My friend Bert had a penchant for sticking his penis in pencil sharpeners, for their tightness, but come into some problems when extarcting said member. My ex-girlf had a glas eye that she could remove at a whim and this proved to be a new and exciting way of...
Beküldő: boblamovjob 2006. május 17.
an insulting term for anyone
You stupid fuckhole!
Beküldő: spinspen22 2011. április 18.
An alternative or upgrade to calling someone an asshole or butthole.

Joe passed me a fake $100 the other day. What a complete and utter f uckhole.
Beküldő: Grodzilla 2008. május 20.
Adjective. Word to describe a place that is WORSE than a shithole. Worse dump in the world. Couldn't think of anywhere worse to be right now. Etc.
'I cant wait to leave this shitty Fuckhole'
Beküldő: Carrie Soper 2009. január 20.

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