Top Definition
a hole used for fucking
Wow! Nice fuckhole! Mind if i fuck it?
Beküldő: ice(sic) 2002. november 3.
a hole that is dug in the ground used for fucking on lonely nights
man she left at least I have my trusty shovel
Beküldő: clc 2004. május 8.
Any hole that can be fucked
"Yes! Put it in my fuck hole! No, not THAT fuck hole. The OTHER one. Yeah..That's it!"
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. január 24.
An thoroughly unpleasant location with highly negative connotations for the speaker.
Shit, dawg. I'll never spend another minute in that worthless redneck fuckhole, know what I'm sayin'?
Beküldő: adnama 2008. január 15.
a girl that is good for one thing, Fucking
she's just a dirty fuck hole
Beküldő: jamie 2004. január 27.
the place you put your cock during intercourse
ears, mouth, eyes, pussy, asshole, anywhere with a hole!
Beküldő: Chinco 2002. december 18.
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