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when someone is not that attractive, but you are willing to submit yourself to having sex with them
she isn't anything to write home to mom and dad about...but she's FUCKABLE.
Beküldő: XCrispyKFC 2003. február 6.
1361 559
Any man/woman who is so fine you would fuck 'em right then and there.
Mark is definitely fuckable.
Beküldő: Clit Commander 2004. június 28.
931 309
someone that you could easily fuck
oooh, that girl is so fuckable
Beküldő: Vince 2003. március 25.
633 269
Someone who has potential to be a person that someone wants to fuck.
1st person: "hey, you think that girl's hot?"
2nd person: "heh. She's fuckable."
Beküldő: dsasdv 2004. november 1.
483 134
NOUN: A person that is attractive enough to fuck.
Rose: So you had sex with Steve Friday after bingo?

Blanche: Yup, sure did. You saw the selection that night; Steve was the only fuckable.
Beküldő: rebs 2006. augusztus 7.
369 117
To be hot and very sexually attractive.To be wanted for Fucking!
Girl 1: Wow hes so hot!
Girl 2: Yes hes like totally fuckable!
Beküldő: Im bored 2005. október 4.
330 180
Someone you can fuck/have sex with. They're not hot but you wouldn't mind JUST hittin it.
Serena Williams is fuckable.
Beküldő: WannaBeCow 2006. augusztus 30.
203 138