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To like someone just as friends. As opposed to boy/girl way.
I like you in the friendy way, not in the boy/girl way.
Beküldő: MerKasKatie 2005. június 22.
16 8
All your trendy friends
Hey friendy! Wanna hit the stores?
Beküldő: Myne 2008. június 16.
4 4
why doesnt everyone just abre los ojos and realize theres VERY FEW friendys in the world?
"hey lip check out these loozes...they think theyre friendys!"
Beküldő: friendlip 2010. február 3.
1 3
Adjective. Describes someone who is trendy with friendships, who befriends others for popularity or passing taste.
Ben is so friendy, he dumped all his old friends for the "in" people.
Beküldő: Shosti 2006. július 30.
9 11
Person of gargantuan proportions, Person with more than 2(00) uncles.
Friendy ate some pies
Beküldő: anonymous 2003. április 9.
5 9
Celestial body only exclipsed by Sutty
Beküldő: pieman 2003. április 9.
4 9
Can be considered greater than Invidious when being used in the same line.
Friendy > Invidious
Beküldő: anonymous 2003. április 9.
6 11