a friend means someone whom you can laugh with and be comfortable around. Someone who you can make fun of and them not take it offensive. also someone who you can share food with.
"hey Sarah you want my pizza I'm full"
"Ya, sure"
Sarah and me are friends
Beküldő: Angie_marie 2015. február 19.
A friend is someone who looks out for you, and you look out for them, they help you when you are down and they make you laugh. A friend is someone whom you can trust with a secret. And you can do the same for them.
You are my best friend!
Beküldő: Rmms_Robloxians 2015. február 17.
A person who gives you non-sexual pleasure to your satisfaction that has no actual reason to do so.
Tim: Wendy, we're just friends.

Wendy: We are just friends.
Beküldő: Enrique Wilson 2015. február 17.
Someone who can call you a cunt, punch you in the face, and steal your alcohol, and get away with it for other reason than that you know them.
If you weren't my friend, I'd fuck your mom
Beküldő: Lozalad 2015. február 7.
People who know and are jackasses to you. They hate you so much that they want to come slay you in your sleep.
Alex is such a good friend.
Beküldő: joeshmoe275 2015. február 5.
Back stabbing bastards
I am from Grimsby and all of my friends are back stabbing bastards.
Beküldő: Rolodoggy 2015. január 21.
Something I don't have
I laughed when I was asked who my closest "friend" was.
Beküldő: williamjamessidis 2014. május 16.

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