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Friends are people who share their ice cream with you if you don't have enough money,people who walk up to you no matter how many times you tell them to leave you alone and cheer you up,people who if your shy and scared they will help you make friends,people who will wait for you to finish the test,people who you can trust your most awkward secrets with and the girl you like,people who will bail you out of a 10000 Dollar fine people who you can trust the fate of the world with,people who don't knock on your door they walk in and say I'm home.
I can trust Noah and my friends with all my biggest darkest secrets
Beküldő: A real trustworthy friend 2013. március 14.
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1 of ur main niggas
aye jamarkus my friend
Beküldő: fuckyouandyourstandardsudhjgsg 2013. január 21.
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Somebody that you still care and share alot in common with & hang around alot with. You can trust this person with secrets and goof off with this person. This person is someone who doesn't go off and tell everyone your most embarrassing stuff. This person this person isn't a best friend but is a great friend.

look up best friend
bully- hey, youre fat, ugly, and are a f**king retard.
person getting bullied-(crying)
friend- hey, get away from my friend you freak or else!!!!

a friend stands up for other friends.
i have "friend" but not a real one yet. i hope people reading This can find a real friend who doesn't act or pretend.
Beküldő: monae.marie 2012. november 6.
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Who needs 'em.
Who needs friends?
Beküldő: samantha j. 2012. május 29.
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Someone who would give you a present, and not take it back.
Hugh gave Sophie a Reading tickets, only to steal them back for money. Not a god Friend
Beküldő: hughlololol 2011. március 31.
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verb: the act of including someone in your virtual/social sphere of reach, or accepting the request of someone who wishes to join your vitual/social sphere of influence.
to "friend" someone on facebook.
Beküldő: danwboles 2011. január 26.
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Something everybody has, if you are nice to people.
I got, me some nice friends.
Beküldő: Leb Leb 2010. október 30.
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