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White or tan or creepers who dress like a black man and come uninvited and talk about being fresh
Thoes fruity high tops are fresh.
Beküldő: Big Joe The First 2010. április 6.
Naive or clueless toward a certain thing. Not knowing beforehand or having little knowledge of.
"I'm sorry, I didn't know, I'm still fresh to this."
Beküldő: Fudge Round 2010. március 6.
Something Being In Good Condition, Mint Condition, Looking Go0d, FRE$H!
Damn shawty, I'm mad fresh from da bottom of ma shoes to da top of ma head.
Beküldő: J-EaSzy 2009. április 29.
Adj. - (slang) Ready to go

"Bro call me when you're fresh for Manny's party, I'll drive."


"Sir I'll have those reports fresh for you by 5 o'clock."

"Yo I met this girl at Manny's last night, she was so fresh, I laid pipe for hours."

Beküldő: Jackson Hall 2008. december 30.
Kids who spend all their money on jeans and then can only affordt plain collored t-shirt(from t-shirt pluss usualy a red blue or white) and some chucks...They also rock the foax hawk and have plugs.
Daniel and Johnny AKA lil kap as fresh as fuck!
Beküldő: Nigga Big 2008. február 21.
most likely used when talking about fly ass girls
with killer style and the hottest kicks.
"Nina says: yoo Katie, your style is lookin hella fresh tonight"
Beküldő: neeenaaaa 2007. október 19.
when something is really good
thats a fresh place to sit off

that jacket is fresh
Beküldő: milish 2007. május 1.