word used to describe something, usually an article of clothing or an outfit, that is very stylish and trendy fly trendy stylish kanye west
Damn, Kanye West is so fresh!
Beküldő: freskid 2009. január 23.
Feeling great and being in the right frame of mind.
You got a hangover. Nah, I'm feeling fresh!
Beküldő: Alex Hosseini 2008. február 19.
not an adjective, a proper noun.
-a spontaneous person.
-capable to keep everything interesting, fun and exciting.
-not a snitch.
-chill with just about everyone.
-Crazy with just the right amount of sanity.
-tries their best to keep the FRESH spirit alive.
-although, a person classified as this, is usually clueless when it comes to the sence of people dropping hints.
-people that wanna be classified as this, have gotta love the homemade cookies as well.

Hometown kids trying to make it big in a big world.
serious graffiti artists

"Dude. thats kids tight as hell! He should be a !FRESH! !"
Beküldő: Caitlin Sitler 2008. január 5.
Used to denote a good-looking member of the female race.
Man, that girl is fresh!
Beküldő: JaxMoney 2007. május 17.
yo that girl kim is fresh.
Beküldő: kim burdacki 2003. május 11.
To try and have sex with someone.
"Are you trying to get fresh with me?"
Beküldő: Nicci 2003. április 13.
clothing to keep you lookin good
yo i got's ta get ma fresh on.
Beküldő: p dizza 2003. március 31.

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