Sarcastic opposite of clean/tidy/nice...

Usually with a bit of a stretch..
Dude, your house is fressssh.

That fart was fresh...

You are soo fresh...
Beküldő: jontz01 2004. március 4.
Term used for cool, radical.
That car has some 'fresh' wheels.
That hair-do is 'fresh'
Beküldő: FontE 2003. november 5.
This means that the person is still a virgin.
Dude that girl isn't fresh anymore she expired 2 months ago.
Beküldő: Alon the Oak Tree 2006. szeptember 24.
adjective used to describe young sludes who look hot but are not of legal consenting age. Usually uttered by degen types whilst on the madness hunt.
"Bro, your little sister is frrrresh"
"Dude shes 15"
"Fresh fresh freshaka!" yelled while banging fists on table
Beküldő: the DEGEN master 2005. október 16.
another name for "freshman"
yo fresh, give me your lunch money.
Beküldő: joe 2005. június 17.
Too cool to be normal. Also meaning you are way beyond the standards of normal kids..
YO man..You are the freshest kid in the school
Beküldő: Brian a.k.a. fresh a.k.a killa 2004. szeptember 9.
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