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the art of of being fucked and wrecked at the same time; a hilarious combination of the two terms.
we were frecked last night
Beküldő: emman and lemon 2007. június 11.
8 2
State of Being. Portmanteau of the saying "Food Wrecked." Describes feeling so full from eating that one feels uncomfortable but happy with their decision.
Chinatown Buffet got me frecked.
Beküldő: wordbringer1231313 2010. december 7.
1 3
A contraction of "food wrecked." When one has eaten so much that the food "wrecked" one's appetite and physical agility.
That pizza frecked me.

I was just chillen, but eating at that shitty buffet frecked me, so now I'm or what.
Beküldő: Frecker of Dreams 2010. december 6.
2 7