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A large, bulbous crotch area on a male or female. A combination of the words fat and crotch (Fat + Crotch = Fotch).
Did you see the fotch on that woman? It was the size of a beanbag chair!
Beküldő: Meduaka 2006. január 13.
77 43
The piece of skin that lives between the the ball bag and the poopchute. see grundle also makes a good swear word replaces fuck
"breck is a fotch in need of a shocker" (Charlie), or fotch im late
Beküldő: H 2005. január 31.
77 69
Another word for an ugly face
oh my god did you see that fotch
Beküldő: Nicky Sacks 2009. október 11.
18 12

1. A substitute for any word, especially for a swear word

2. A word frequented by Coach Funk.

1. You are such a fotching chong.

2. What the fotch is going on.

3. Big pile of fotch.
Beküldő: Funktionarian 2011. október 24.
6 3
Slang for fire-crotch.
Hey, I bet that redhead is a fotch.
Beküldő: Andrew Fairclough 2003. április 28.
44 42
1)female crotch...or just a crotch.

2)a slang term endorsed by teens in New Rochelle and Yonkers meaning just a weird way of saying "face"
1)that bitch has one sweeeeeeeet fotch

2)get your fotch over here!
Beküldő: Kellehhhh 2007. február 19.
28 28
the firry part between your corn shooter and the bottom of your meatbag
i scratched my fotch after having sex with a hooker
Beküldő: Boozer 2003. április 5.
33 33