A word originating in Edinburgh meaning vagina.
"Your Foo looks pretty!"
Beküldő: AndySmith 2005. szeptember 2.
"foo" is frequently used by black gangtas as an abbreviated form of the word "fool".
It is sometimes used in a non-offensive way.
"Foo, you scored up ma ride!"
"You better watch yo'self, foo"

"Sup bro, how you been doin', foo!"
Beküldő: puttytangman 2005. május 16.
A person that is Foolish
whats up foo? you ready for that party?
Beküldő: -=\\MAD MIKE//=- 2005. május 2.
a fool; gangsta slang
"shut up foo"
"don't be a dumbass, you foo"
Beküldő: Cassie 2005. április 23.
Any living being that Mr. T pities under given circumstances defined by Mr. T himself.
Mr. T: "I pity the fool who tries and takes over the world"
Beküldő: GoShogun 2005. március 24.
Solitary ingredient of weight-watchers' Egg Foo Yung.
Use no egg, use no yung. Sprinkle with foo and serve.
Beküldő: baldpuss 2005. január 26.
A replacement word for "hippo"
or when you are very mad

it DOES not mean "fuck you"
"Sally, I lost your credit card!..."

Beküldő: Bailz of Hay 2004. december 6.

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