A word originating in Edinburgh meaning vagina.
"Your Foo looks pretty!"
Beküldő: AndySmith 2005. szeptember 2.
"foo" is frequently used by black gangtas as an abbreviated form of the word "fool".
It is sometimes used in a non-offensive way.
"Foo, you scored up ma ride!"
"You better watch yo'self, foo"

"Sup bro, how you been doin', foo!"
Beküldő: puttytangman 2005. május 16.
An indiscriminate word in place of f***. Can also be used as a form of comic relief.
Person 1: Your brother ate your cookie.

Person 2: aw foo!
Beküldő: Sazuki 2010. július 8.
The ''Foo'' is slang, and is usually used by hispanics
Ay Sup Foo!

Ay Foo Your Lowrider Looks Badd!!

Ay Foo Those Tacos Are Good Man
Beküldő: Mr.Sicc One 2008. január 31.
A person that is Foolish
whats up foo? you ready for that party?
Beküldő: -=\\MAD MIKE//=- 2005. május 2.
a fool; gangsta slang
"shut up foo"
"don't be a dumbass, you foo"
Beküldő: Cassie 2005. április 23.
Any living being that Mr. T pities under given circumstances defined by Mr. T himself.
Mr. T: "I pity the fool who tries and takes over the world"
Beküldő: GoShogun 2005. március 24.
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