one with ticklish feet
A: my feet are ticklish!
B: You're a foo!
Beküldő: isnotafoo 2011. szeptember 26.
Short for fool, as per Mr. T.
"I pity the foo who..."
Beküldő: slice32 2005. április 18.
someone who is foolish
derived from the word fool
god damn you are one foo
Beküldő: Daniel Morley 2004. február 12.
A random object. Easily intertwined where the speaker is too lazy to insert the correct noun
"Just throw that foos anywhere"
"WTF is all this foos?"
"Throw me a porn mag and some foos"
"Don't make me kick u in the foos!"
"Where did I leave all my foos?"
"Goddamn foos!"
"Mmmm this is some tasty foos!"
Beküldő: Mark D (Foos) 2003. augusztus 31.
A high class sophisticated socialite. Term of endearment in the work force.
Where's our foo? Is she in another meeting?

Our Josi-Foo's out to lunch, schmoozin with the upper crust again.
Beküldő: Neocoo 2007. augusztus 8.
that what must be fought. see foo fighters
Dave Grohl makes a living fighting foo.
Beküldő: Seth Nicaragua 2004. február 6.

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