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Fluffy - Usually describing a person or a behavior that is soft, cute and anything unmanly. Normally seen as an insult or an embarrassment. See examples.
Tim watches disney, he is so fluffy.
WTF you let your woman call you "cuddlecakes"? That's fluffy dude.
Tim, stop acting all fluffy and shit.
Beküldő: shellwake 2011. március 6.
340 137
another word to describe a overweight person.
"Hey c'mere. listen here. i'm not fat...i'm fluffy ^_^.
Beküldő: maxiemax 2007. augusztus 11.
529 397
fluffy is when someone is lovable and huggable but also everything that's good about that person
he's so fluffy!! :D
she's really fluffy
Beküldő: tonynv 2012. május 10.
75 40
Adjective describing things that are overly girly.
Ashley Amber's uber fluffiness makes me want to hurl. Gag me with a spoon.
Beküldő: Wuzzie 2004. május 11.
140 108
Something/someone that is perfect in every single way possible from your own personal perspective
Isn't he so fluffy.
OMG it's so fluffy!
Beküldő: tonynv 2013. október 22.
37 8
1. Used to describe a scene in a fanfiction that could be considered an 'awww' moment.
2. An overused name for cats with a lot of soft fur.
1. When the author told me that the chapter was going to be fluffy, I grabbed a box of tissues, because I knew I was going to cry.
2. In the Rugrats, Angelina has a cat named Fluffy.
Beküldő: Dudette 2005. március 23.
478 454
Really poofy hair. Also a nickname for guys with long semi-frizzy hair.
Hey, there goes a fluffy!
Beküldő: SaintVenn 2010. november 2.
44 28