To turn police informant in order to beat a rap.
"We (police) flipped him...Foley was a confidential informant."
Beküldő: Christian Emde 2007. december 6.
Top Definition
to totally switch up on a person and turn from friend to enemy. Mostly when you rob a friend and do them "dirty".
Fuck Kevin, that nigga's bout 2 get flipped on.
Beküldő: 2La 2004. május 13.
When a girl gets passed around for sex at a party.
"girl you're getting flipped tonight; you're too damn hot and wasted to waste this"
Beküldő: missjackson 2012. május 27.
describes a person who changes their sexual preference
"She used to like guys but she flipped."
Beküldő: kyohaku 2008. augusztus 6.
high , temporarily impaired , mindbending experience of any form
after mulitiple generous THCeasar salad style bong loads my brains activity functions abnormally in a pleasant fashion . . . " I am flipped "
Beküldő: T.H.C.easar Romero 2006. július 8.
when a man flips a woman over and does her doggy-style agressively
"i wanna get flipped tonight"

"i wish mark would stop being so romantic and just let me get flipped"
Beküldő: da baddest girl up in here 2009. szeptember 12.
Beating a level or entire game of any video game.
Damn i just flipped stage 2 of double dragon
Beküldő: Romo IS awesome 2006. augusztus 30.
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