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A universal racial slurr; basically, a racist derrrogitory term for any ethnicity
Jose: Hey you stupid flack
Mr. Lee: the only flack I see here is you
Jebidiah: you are both flacks
Human Resources: you cant be sayin dat shit
Beküldő: jackoff1234 2009. május 26.
A Fat black person, usually a girl.
mike: yo dude look at that flack girl shake her ass
bob: man, ew.
Beküldő: wondermalice 2010. március 7.
1. To procrastinate, waste time dilly dally around all day!
2. to dick around .
3. to accomplish absolutely nothing all day.
1. I was just Flacking around.
2. she's probably just Flacking around the house.
Beküldő: whipmenorris 2009. november 5.
When you get bitch slapped
Im gonna flack my ball sack in your eye.
Beküldő: The clit commander 2003. április 10.
when you take a shit in a girl's pussy and eat her out
"Awww man, I got flacked last night!"
Beküldő: Bob 2005. január 12.