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compliment: aimed at young females (Strikly between the ages of 17 and 29)
with a desirable figure combination of breast and bum at least 8+/10 (Akbar sliding scale).
Summers here did yhou see the fitty in the skirt?

The party was crammed with fitties (pl)
Beküldő: Admiral Akbar 2005. április 22.
(n) A numerical amount; fifty. Five counts of ten.
"They musta been fitty 'o dem!"
Beküldő: Bystrick 2003. március 23.
Someone that is extremely attractive, good looking, or hot.
He is such a fitty!
Beküldő: thatgossipybitchX 2011. január 30.
fitty is da ghetto way of saying fifty/50..
hey yo how much you paid for those jeans?
ahhh, about fitty dollas
Beküldő: jimmy encarnacion 2005. október 19.
A combination of the word fake and titties.
"Man, look at the pair of fitties on that broad!"
Beküldő: MikeRichardson 2008. május 28.
1. Fat titties
2. A group on facebook that are perfect in everyway.
3. A Family
1. Daaaamn son, yo chick has some FITTIES
2. I love my fitties so much xoxooxox kees
3. Fitties are the best.
Beküldő: fittiesarenotfattitties 2012. május 6.
Fat titties, or tits that are able to perfectly fit in your mouth.
That bitch got the nicest set of Fitties I ever done saw.
Beküldő: Freddifuckup 2014. december 27.

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