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The British version of Hot.
"dude that girl is fit!"
Beküldő: Jesus 2003. április 22.
Extremely good looking, synonymous with "hott" and "sexy". British slang, relatively unknown in US.
Whoa, that model is FIT!

She's really fit, but a bit of a slut.
Beküldő: emma 2004. december 19.
A slang word for saying someone is goodlooking.
'Billy is so fit'
Beküldő: Channy 2004. április 25.
British slang for a person who's incredibly attractive without necessarily being "fit", as in healthy and/or muscular.
Oi mate, this girl is well fit!
Beküldő: Recoil 2005. szeptember 26.
Not meaning "Healthy" But sexualy atractive or Beautiful. Unknown to US culture who say "Hot" rather than "fit"
Girl 1 OMG! That guy is soooo fit!
Girl 2 I so agree , lets go get him . .
Beküldő: GOAG 2005. július 2.
EXTREMELY good looking, sexy, nice bod, can be for men or women, pretty, hot,
Omg!! That dude is soooo fit!
Beküldő: brightside 2004. augusztus 18.
F'it or FIT is a contraction of the words FUCK IT. Used by people who say they don't swear but still use a word to replace the "Swear Word".
This bloody computer's playing up again O F'IT
Beküldő: jinker 2008. január 25.
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