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When someone who is skateboarding or running does not notice a pane of glass and collides with it.
“How‘d you break your nose?”

“I didn‘t see the glass door when I ran inside and I totally pulled a Fish Tank."
Beküldő: Tall Jesus 2011. április 5.
6 12
a term used when something upsetting happens; "just my luck"
When she lost the game, she said "aw fishtank!"
Beküldő: hahajimmyinyourface 2010. augusztus 17.
3 10
ok think about a fish tank four sides so you need four people 2 girls and 2 guys make the guys face the girls and then they have sex standing up so they make a two lines next to each other like the equels sign. now there are sides air between the people are the sides and a bottom!
man: lets fish tank all night
lady: but we need more people
man: get your roomate i 'll get mine
lady: ok

and they fish tank alllll nite long and moan

I like the wayyy u fish tank baby
Beküldő: karlee furlicker 2009. július 27.
9 24
A tank that is full of fish that u plug in and they become super Neilified.
"The fish tank is on!"
Beküldő: Jenny 2005. február 5.
8 32