right before screwing your partner a man wipes some ben gay on his balls. so as they slap the vagina it causes a hot firey sensation
mike slyly rubbed bengay on his balls to fuck sandy and give her the fireballs
Beküldő: agentgrape 2011. április 14.
Cool, nice or sweet
Thats fireball
Beküldő: XRIÓôÏS 2004. április 1.
The answer to life!
The answer is always fireball shots, regardless of what the question is.
Beküldő: LiamR 2015. február 5.
Stop.Drop & Roll
Grant's so hot he had to stop drop and roll like a fireball
Beküldő: mothballs 2014. november 9.
Pouring a rediculously hot sauce all over your cock and forcing a girl to give you head untill You blow a hot spicy load
I think the hot sauce i used to fireball betty was too strong, her eyes started watering and her tears got mixed into it
Beküldő: cock explosion 2008. április 13.
when your taking a shit & your ass really hurts when a big piece of shit is coming out
man i just had fireball now my ass really hurts
Beküldő: luisrubioXD 2011. november 26.
a boy (usually jewish) who has red hair, lots of freckles, and red pubic hair
Oh look at that kid, he has mad fireballs.
Beküldő: mperrs 2005. január 30.

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