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Abbreviation of "fixing to". Normally means "going to".
I'm finna go da' sto!
Beküldő: TimmyT 2003. június 9.
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Literally means "going to"
Came from "fixin to"
"I finna give you an LA ass woopin'" - Chris Tucker
"Finna take it to the house" - Trick Daddy
Beküldő: Budhacris 2005. szeptember 23.
The state of being about to do something, also, one who always says they are going to do something can be referred to as 'finna'.
Example: You know what you finna do, finna? You finna ride the fuck out.
Beküldő: disturbed 2004. április 6.
About to, going to...
I'm Finna bust my gun.

This hoe ass track finna get slapped.
Beküldő: Chucky Ounce 2003. október 7.
about to, in the procces of doing something
person1: get yo butt up there and clean that room boy!

person2: i'm finna do it
Beküldő: kp 2005. március 29.
Preparing to or Fixing to
A folk, I'm finna jump up on shawty.
Beküldő: Ricky Rivers 2003. szeptember 15.
about to
I'm finna go to the store.
Beküldő: Belinda Williams 2003. szeptember 19.

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