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Nice looking female
We gon hit the mall?
Fa sho, you know I gotta holla at da fee's.
Beküldő: Immaqulate 2003. október 16.
Female gender of the human race.
Lets go cruise around town and pick up some fees.
Beküldő: P Gruwell 2005. december 20.
Female, woman, girl.

Derived from the first syllable in the word female.
This party blows where are all the fees at?

I had this cute fee all alone in my room and i blew it.
Beküldő: Basil O'Hare 2009. december 6.
a gurl who can carry her own and hold it down by herself, who play people like dummies, and will knock a hoe in the throat.

"fee" is a lethal weapon when it comes to confrontations.
if we beefin i got your "fee" So haters best to think twice
because this ain't nothin nice!!
Beküldő: Fee with 2 e's 2010. október 16.
1. I'm going home to eat my sandwich, get my blow job, F.E.E.
Beküldő: TONYKYNTO 2012. július 3.
A tax not voted on by the people.
City council has found a new way of generating revenue with out voter approval. They are now adding on a new fee.
Beküldő: No taxation w/o representation 2010. október 22.
fuck everything else
"I'm so like fee rite now"
Beküldő: Louie Ls 2009. december 12.
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