A large Joint
Yo, G light up a fatty.
Beküldő: G 2003. január 22.
a girl with a fat ass
Guy1: DAMN! shawty ass is big
Guy2: That's what u call a FATTY!

Beküldő: nellam22 2009. május 12.
Slightly larger than a chubby, yet not fully erect.
Damn, that bitch gave me a fatty.

Fucking Aye, you gave me another fatty.
Beküldő: Spike69 2006. augusztus 2.
a very large wade of chewing tobacco
"damn dude, thats a fatty dip"
"yea i know, killed half the can"
Beküldő: Ted 2005. március 5.
Also can be large amount of dip (smokeless tobacco) placed in one's lower lip.
I'm about to put in a fatty of Skoal.
Beküldő: arghx 2003. május 1.
A person who is annoying or inhibiting your progress.
Person 1: Ogga booga!

Person 2: Stop being a fatty and start helping me cook
Beküldő: Oliver Wernick 2009. június 26.
Very large cigar.....
Lets go smoke a fatty (cigar) man....
Beküldő: slong1 2008. szeptember 19.
1. Does not mean that your fat as in over weight. It means if you see a person who is always talking about food or always want to eat. So someone says "your a fatty!" as a joke.
2. It could mean that a girl has a fat ass she thick in them jeans.
1. You: Man I want some pizza im hungry!
Bob: Your such a fatty!
2. Man that girl she got a fatty
Beküldő: Prettyboiswaggz 2008. július 10.

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