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1. mocking reference to the two popular social networking sites (Facebook & Myspace)
2. double entendre with meaning-1, but also meaning vagina
1. Wanna go chat on facespace?
2. Dude, the only facespace for me is your girlfriend's cunt!
Beküldő: Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada 2011. április 28.
6 4
noun; verb; the combination of the two most popular networking sites frequently visited by today's most self-absorbed-nothing-better-to-do teenagers and adults attempting to hold on to their youth.

I'm so bored, wanna go on facespace?
Leave me alone I'm facespacing.
Beküldő: kim rusch 2006. június 19.
137 58
v. The act of combining a Facebook and Myspace search to gain information about a person.
person 1: Damn, who is that girl?

person 2: She said her name was Jenny, I'm going to facespace her when i get home.
Beküldő: Trongetmoney 2009. január 28.
66 33
A misunderstanding/mispronunciation of either Facebook or Myspace websites, usually used by an individual without networking website knowledge, such as a parent, grandparent, or older individual.
You:"Grandma, I wanna use the internet again!"
Grandma: "You're always on that facespace all day!"
Beküldő: spambot09 2009. június 4.
57 28
The generalization of Facebook, Myspace, or other Social Networking website.
"Hey girl, what you up?"
"Oh, just lookin at the facespace for hot guys."
Beküldő: Steven Daves 2007. szeptember 1.
64 46
the social networking area on the internet, myspace, facebook, bebo etc...
wheres mike?

hes at home on face space. again!
Beküldő: Ben Oakes 2007. november 16.
10 2
A conjunction of two popular communication websites: Facebook and Myspace.
"I'll be in my room; gotta check my face-space to see if anyone looked at my new photo albums yet!"

Beküldő: marioscoinwhore 2008. január 5.
4 0